Greetings lovers and losers!
Its that time of year and I am so excited! April is birthmonth! My birthday is April 27th which makes for an entire month of celebration. This April I have got so much in store that I am brimming with excitement!

Over at the Heavy Rubber Dominatrix HQ, the team at HRD are slashing the prices on My member’s site for all of My rubber perverts (or for those who just want to see some XXX lesbian action). For the entire month of April we’re offering a one month trial for just $19.99 (that’s about £14.00) with a recurring option of $24.95 thereafter. Or if you’d like to take a meatier bite of My latex lifestyle, we are also offering a longer package. A five month/150 day non recurring membership is just $99.95 (approximately £70.00). That’s just 60 cents a day!!

Over the winter months, I have been keeping myself busy with loads of shoots. So in the coming months you can expect brand new content with Miss Mighty of London and Serious Bondage from San Francisco. There are also loads of new clips with Valentina Fetish Doll and just in time for My birthday celebrations, a fantastic shoot I did in Paris with My hometown friend Mistress Eleise and our Dirty Babydoll. With such an international cast of players, how can you resist?!

April will be a super busy month for me with duo sessions with Tiffany Naylor, tours to Bristol and Paris as well as another appearance on Redlight Central. Check out all the details over on My other website www.ladybellatrix.com
So, join My members’ site now if you haven’t already and rub one out in rubber!

Best wishes,

Lady Bellatrix




V4: CONSPIRACY – Friday, May 13th 2016
After taking a hiatus from their last mission and trying to lead civilian lives, Special Agent Bella and Special Agent Hunter have been targeted by a group of rouge insurgents from the subspecies known as “man”. Upon receiving an urgent memo from The High Commandress of The Female Supremacy, the two highest ranking Special Agents are on high alert.
Gathering in an unassuming den, a select number of male dissidents have begun hatching a plan to turn the tables on Special Agent Bella and Special Agent Hunter by kidnapping and interrogating them. The “weaker sex” are determined to capture them and use their own torture techniques against them to extract this information.
But unbeknownst to this common band of imbeciles, the two Special Agents have received leaked intelligence at the last minute of this heinous Conspiracy. Without their usual diligent operative planning, they are left with less resources than usual. Thinking on their feet, they overtake the very lair intended for their own demise and use it against their would be captors.
Do you know the identity of these male assailants? Are you one of them?
The date of the Conspiracy has been leaked and identified as Friday, May 13th 2016 at a secret location in the West Midlands. Those guilty parties are asked to turn themselves in or suffer a much worse fate.
Applications close at midnight on 01 MAY 2016
• Processing fee £150 (payable in advance/non refundable)

• Offer only open to UK or European nationals

• Limited places

Happy New Year!!

Pandemos Mistress Directory – Mistress Listings Directory and Manchester Mistress Directory would like to wish ALL the Mistresses, subs & Visitors a wonderful 2016! May it be even kinkier than the last!!!


Katie xx

Mistress Kidnap – Role Play Mistress – Honey trapped, Seduced and Tied!!

Hello all,

I am sure that by now you have all had enough time to finish reading My last blog – you know I like long ones and this one is no different!!!
So it has been yet another few great few weeks, I know I say that all the time but it really has. Am in the Mistress zone that much I almost called My local Starbucks guy ‘slave’ the other day – who knows he may of enjoyed it!! I forgot sometimes that not everyone put on the planet to serve a Mistress!
So, My title! Interesting one yes indeed. I did treat some of you to snippets of pictures on My twitter account ( @MistressJadee1 ) but this was more involved than a few pics here and there.
As usual I set off looking glamorous (below) only to be held in traffic, this was no fun for Me at the time although every second is an opportunity for Mistress to gear herself up!! Traffic bumper to bumper each side I took great pleasure in tormenting the fellow drivers – seems that lip gloss and leather gloves really do have an effect on all men, especially when they are watching a lady smoke! This always put a smile on My face – knowing that I have made some miserable bastard a happy man and given him some naughty thoughts!!

So My victim was sent to wait at a certain bar for Me until he had to leave at ‘x’ o clock. He soon thinks he is about to move on when a beautiful young lady walks in to the bar and catches his eye. Apparently, she approaches him and before you know it he has bought her a drink. After some time f chatting away this lovely young lady spills her drink down her. Apparently, she then panics and worries as she has a meeting soon and is worried about what her ‘bitch of a boss’ will say. He soon offers his hotel room up so that she may get clean and freshen up.
I arrive at My destination to see My victim being led away down the path to the hotel, like a whippet I am right on their tail. I watch them walk into the hotel and I am straight out of My car and right behind them, he is very openly discussing his hotel room number and how he doesn’t have a wife nor a girlfriend and this won’t be a problem to anyone………although he completely forgot about it being a problem to Me!
The other huge mistake was that this lovely young ladies ‘bitch of a boss’ also happened to be Me…talk about killing two birds with one stone!
I was no in no mood to be nice and was indeed ready to set about showing the pair of them what happens when you disobey the boss.
As I entered the corridor I could hear them laughing, as the door went to close I stuck My foot in enough just to keep it slightly ajar – seems My slave was far too concerned with his honey pot to even notice that he hadn’t closed the door.
I stood and listened to them discuss Me and about how I like everything to be perfect, My slave sat there smiling away as My new employee talked all about how demanding I was and how I liked everything to be perfect. At that point I had heard enough and just has my slave was about to shut the door he realised was still open I pounced in and almost scared him half to death! My trainee jumped to her feet immediately apologising before I had even spoke. At that point they both knew they was in very serious trouble.
She knew exactly what to expect so in no time it was time for him to be taught a lesson -when oh when will you men ever learn – NEVER trust a beautiful woman!!!
In no time, I had him tied and helpless on the bed, I am sure an hour earlier he thought that something may have been happening on there but I doubt it was that! Bound so he couldn’t move an inch I then made the very naughty trainee torment his mind. I also took great pleasure in having her tied up whilst I whispered to him all the things that she could have done to him!! This frustrated him sooo much – I love to give people what they CAN’T have!!

I spent the next several hours punishing and tormenting their minds, having them both tied up facing each other as well as tied up on top of each other. I took great pleasure as I always do in watching them struggle and knowing that the only one in complete control of that situation was Myself! After I felt the sub had learnt her lesson I allowed her to leave. Although I did not feel that he had suffered enough. I mean he blamed her and she blamed him! She trapped him and he fell for it and I wasn’t ready to release him just yet. In other positions I had he couldn’t even move his legs. He is lucky I allowed him to move his toes! I gave him what he needed but needless to say I am sure that he will be back for more as it seems he just can’t resist to fall into that trap!! Eventually I released him, hopefully he won’t be honey trapped again!!

Another interesting scenario this week was a very very naughty man who also needed to be taught a lesson by two beautiful women. Seems none of you men, slaves or subs can think straight when your mind is clouded by beauty! Although, that makes being a Mistress so much more enjoyable as I get to be the one to give out the recommended punishment and for the one below this was definitely strung and abused. I just love tender nipples!!

Another new victim that landed at the door this week was someone who I had heard about for a while. Let’s just say that he carries this very important book of codes around, codes that are of great interest to Me! The only way I was going to lure him out was to get him to come and fix a secure lock on My door. He arrives just as planned and I greet him with a firm handshake, I can see him looking around, wary of his surroundings. In no time I had him at ease and quickly shown him the door leading to My ‘office’ that I couldn’t access. As he started to bend down to look at the lock it was soon apparent that he wasn’t equipped for the job and after messing around for only a few seconds I decided that this was the precise time to snatch him and his book of codes. He was quickly hooded and Myself dragged into the now unlocked Chamber for interrogation. Sat on the chair his hands and legs were tied to the chair so his body weight was holding him down. Lights off and door shut he was locked in a dark room. He wasn’t going anywhere. After a few minutes of raiding through his book it was time to return to the Dungeon. I opened the door switched on a low light removed his hood and SLAP! I demanded the codes……I have no idea what you mean Mistress, SLAP – I could have done that all night!
We soon came to an understanding that he wasn’t going to tell lies or the other Mistress and I would take great pleasure in forcing the truth out of him. The look on his face was one of a scared man, at times he was looking to the other Mistress for help although no help was coming to him. I wanted My codes and I was going to get it.
I required four digits from him so I thought the best way to break them down would be one at once and see how much he could hold out for each number. The first one took the longest but as we got past each number the faster they came, eventually the last number practically rolled off his tongue without being forced. Maybe he just had too much. As soon as I had what I wanted he was instructed to leave.
You see I do have a very nasty side although I had a very nice side, I can be seductive and cruel in ways you never thought possible. You see sometimes I don’t even need to talk to get My point across – My eye’s say a lot!!

So what is going on this week….well by the time you have finished reading this I shall indeed have so much to fill you in on next week. Tomorrow Mistress Kidnap and Miss Jones are out and about all day and night on two separate snatches. Wednesday Mistress Jadee is busy giving her slut’s lessons on cock sucking. Thursday I am enjoying a lovely champagne afternoon tea with a good friend of mine, so form an orderly queue to pay for My afternoon tea. Then, there is no rest for the wicked as all this weekend Mistress Kidnap is on another Wild Goose Chase. This is a new victim so he has no idea what to expect – I actually hope he has read this so he knows that I am thinking about him – what I love about these scenarios is that from the second they arrive to the second they leave My slaves don’t rest – they are constantly kept on their toes not knowing when, not knowing how and not knowing where!! Oh how I love it!!!
I think that’s all for now. Catch up very soon!!

Mistess Jadee



LADY BELLATRIX – Amsterdam – November 27-28

As an International Dominatrix, I enjoy touring the world and I am pleased to announce My next stop as as Amsterdam Mistress! Or should I make that Amsterdam Meesteress? I am now taking bookings for Femdom sessions in Amsterdam on November 27th and 28th only from a centrally located private apartment.

I am a Strict Mistress and enjoy the more sensual BDSM activities such as tease and denial, foot worship, role play, orgasm control, chastity training and latex worship.

But I also have a sadistic side and enjoy the more extreme activities such as strap on, humiliation and degridation, mind control and interrogation, corporal punishment (from mild to extreme), CBT and NT, ballbusting, fisting, golden shower and much more!

I will be joined by My rubber slut so forced bi will be possible (for an additional tribute).

Advance bookings only. No same day sessions. Domination only – I do not offer sexual services.

Visit My website for more information and to apply.


Mistress Maggie – Update from my Female Kingdom

Mistress Maggie here keeping you up to date with my latest site updates.
The latest addition to my website is a session snippet called ‘Slave in a Female Kingdom’.
It gives details and photos of a scenario from a session with one of my many worshipful slaves. The session incorporated plenty of restrictive bondage and watersports using my toilet box, plus a good opportunity for me to show off some of my furniture items and bondage accessories in use.
The aim of my illustrated session snippets is to give you a flavour of how I engage with my slaves and play out your personal fantasies in my Preston playrooms.
To see what life is like in my Female Kingdom, follow this link –

Mistress Kidnap strikes again!!! Wild Goose Chase – Round 4!!!

Yes as usual it takes Me so long to write a blog but this time its has been written for Me! Yes, it is time to read abot My Victims Wild Goose Chase (Round 4). Does it get better with time…..of course, read on and see for yourself!!


It was time to travel to Manchester again, and to be under the control of the beautiful Mistress Jadee. This time, I wanted to do things a little bit differently, and to stretch the scenario out over time. I travelled to Manchester and spent one night there. I then travelled to Blackpool to spend a few relaxing days there, and then I went back to Manchester to indulge in a new round with Mistress.
My plan was that the first day in Manchester would give Mistress an opportunity to start the scenario, and then I would be left alone in Blackpool to enjoy my holiday. And then, when I came back to Manchester, the scenario could begin properly. However, Mistress thought this was way too obvious, and since she loves to mess up my mind, she changed things up.
The reason I keep coming back to Mistress Jadee is that she always comes up with new and exciting things to do, and it’s impossible to predict what she has planned. And in this round, this was more true than ever!
I had to travel from home very early in the morning, and after an uneventful journey, I arrived safely in Manchester. As always, the first thing I did was to text Mistress and let her know I had arrived. She replied promptly, and my first instructions were to check in to my hotel, and leave a key under her name in the reception.
It had been several months since the last time I had the pleasure to be under Mistress’ control, so when my first instructions arrived my heart started to beat faster immediately! Leaving a key for Mistress in the reception meant that she would have access to my room at any time, and memories from past rounds started to pop up in my mind. The times she had been to my room to do something while I was out, and then left before I returned. Or the time she entered while I was kneeling on the floor. Or my favourite: The time she hid in my room and ambushed me as I walked in!
After checking in, I went for a stroll around the city, and I had an early dinner. I don’t have much of an appetite when I’m under Mistresse’ control, but I managed to eat a little bit. And all the time I kept Mistress up to date on my whereabouts.
I was constantly wondering when Mistress would show up. The reason why I spent this first day in Manchester was just so that Mistress could start the round, so I was sure she had to show up at some time. Little did I know that Mistress had very different plans, and that she would avoid the obvious just to mess up my mind as much as she could.
The evening came, and I felt extremely tired from getting up early and travelling to Manchester. At 9pm texted Mistress to ask for permission to go to sleep, and she happily granted me permission. But it was difficult to fall asleep, since Mistress had a key to my room and I was still sure that she would show up.
But finally I fell asleep. I had not seen Mistress that day, and I was a little disappointed. But I would soon learn that this was exactly according to Mistress’ plan.
I didn’t sleep particularly well that night, hoping and assuming that Mistress would sneak into my room at any time. But when I had to get up, Mistress had still not come. I was a bit disappointed, because I was now going away from Manchester, and it would be several days until I had the chance to see her again. Or at least, that was what I thought.

I got on the train, and had a nice ride for about 75 minutes. Finally there, I checked into my hotel, and, as always, I got two keys. I took one for myself, and the other one I hid in the staircase, and sent Mistress instructions on how to find it. I then had a walk around the city, and found a nice place to have dinner.
Suddenly, I got a text from Mistress. “Where are you?”. I was a bit surprised, but I replied as precisely as I could. I got a text back, telling me to go to the central pier and wait for further instructions.
As always, I followed her instructions precisely, but I did not understand why Mistress would like me to go there. Was she in Blackpool? Or did she send someone else? Or was she just messing with my mind, like she loves to do? Well, there was no point in asking, and I just had to do as I was told.
After a while, new instructions came in. I was to proceed further south, and walk right along the beach. It turned out to be quite dark there, and almost no people. I started walking, and at this time I was extremely curious about what would happen!
Suddenly, I felt someone coming up behind me, and take my arm. It was Mistress! She was actually there! I was smiling so hard that it was difficult to talk! I never thought I would see Mistress there, since it was a long way away from Manchester, but it just shows that you can never predict what Mistress Jadee will do!
I then had the great pleasure of walking along the beach, with Mistress on my arm. I was in ecstasy! I thought I would see her in Manchester, but she didn’t turn up. And I thought I had a few days on my own in Blackpool, but I was wrong again!
But suddenly she stopped. She told me that this was it for now, but that she would see me again very soon. And then she was gone.
My mind started running wild, and I knew that she would come to my hotel room later! She wouldn’t travel all the way from Manchester, just to walk with me along the beach for a few minutes! I rushed back to my room, and started waiting. But time went on, and she didn’t come. In the end, I sent her a text to ask for permission to turn off the lights, and she said yes. But I was still sure that she would come in at any time, so it was almost impossible to sleep. Of all the nights I have spent during kidnap scenarios with Mistress Jadee, this was the worst. I did not sleep more than 3 hours that night, and I was constantly rolling around in my bed. But morning came, and no Mistress.
DAY 3, 4 and 5

I hardly slept at all that night, and at 5:30am I was tired of rolling around in my bed, so I decided to get up. I went for a walk, and it was quite a difference to see the streets of Blackpool at this time of the day! There were hardly anyone outside!
I found a nice pub to have breakfast, and then I went for a walk. All the time, I kept Mistress up to date on where I was, and I didn’t know if she was still in Blackpool, or if she was back in Manchester. The day passed quietly, and after a nice dinner I fell asleep quickly.
Early next morning I got a text from Mistress. “It’s all about to start for you! No more relaxing!”. Of course, my heart rate increased immediately, as I had no idea what Mistress was up to. However, the day passed quietly, and after dinner I went back to my hotel.
That’s when a new text from Mistress came in: “Get undressed! Kneel on the floor!”. I followed her instructions immediately, wondering what was about to happen. When Mistress had sent me similar texts before, she had entered my room soon afterwards. Was she in Blackpool?
After kneeling for a few minutes, I got another text: “Get dressed”. I was a bit confused, but as always, I followed her instructions precisely. At the very moment that my shirt went over my head, I heard a knock at the door! Even more confused than before, I carefully opened, having no idea who was outside.
It turned out to be a guy working at the hotel. He told me that Jadee could not make it today, but that she would see me tomorrow. I’m sure he must have wondered why I looked so confused, but I managed to thank him before closing the door.
So this was another one of Mistress’ ways to mess with my mind, even though she was not there.
Just as I closed the door, a new text from Mistress came in. “Relax tonight. You need it!”
I managed to sleep ok this night, too, and the next morning it was time to leave Blackpool and head for Manchester. Hardly a minute of the train ride went by without me wondering what Mistress had planned for me this time!
I got off at the train station, and started on my way to the hotel. Suddenly I got a call from Mistress, and she wanted to check to see if I had arrived in Manchester. Such a phone call always makes me nervous, and this time was no exception!
I spent the day walking around Manchester, but I got back to my hotel quite early. I had slept poorly for several nights, so I texted Mistress to ask for permission to go to bed early. She quickly replied that I was permitted to do so, but that I was not allowed to close the latch on the door! Needless to say, yet a sleepless night followed…

After rolling around in my bed for most of the night, listening for sounds that could be Mistress coming to torment me, I fell asleep. However, it wouldn’t last for long. At about 7.30am, the hotel phone rang. It took some time before I realised what that sound was, and just as I had gotten out of bed and reached for it, it stopped. I was sure that someone had called the wrong number so I got back into bed.
But it took just seconds before my mobile phone rang. It was Mistress! I was instructed to have a shower, and be ready for the day. Very confused, I followed her instructions precisely.
I had just come out from the shower when a text came in. “Strip! Face down on the bed!”. Again, I just had to follow the instructions.
I laid there for a few minutes, wondering what was about to happen. Was Mistress really coming, or was she just playing with my mind. Or could she have sent someone else?
After a few minutes, the door opened, and someone came in. I heard the footsteps, and soon I felt some fingers running up my legs. Teasing. I was kept in this state of uncertainty for a while, wondering who was teasing the inside of my thighs! Finally, I heard the sweet voice of Mistress!
Yes! She was here! I had been waiting for months for this moment, and now it had finally arrived! After a while, I was allowed to turn over, and got to see that beautiful face of Mistress. It’s not possible to be any happier than I was at that moment.
What was about to follow is the most intense session of tease and tormenting that I have ever experienced! Mistress knows me well by now, and she knows exactly which buttons to push! And she pushed them hard! I was allowed the great pleasure of worshipping her nylon covered legs for a short time, and then denied. She knows how sensitive my nipples are, and exploited them fully! Softly at first, and then more and more intensely. Towards the end, it was hard not to scream out loud when her nails dug into them! She mixed pain and pleasure in a way that only Mistress can. And she tormented me like I have never been tormented before!
After more than an hour, she put a blindfold on me, and then I heard her leave the room. I did not know what to do, but when my phone rang, I got up. It was Mistress, and she told me to look out the window. There, I could see her driving away.
This was an amazing way to start the day, and the excitement never fully wore off. I had an erection for most of the rest of the day, and when I saw a girl walk by wearing nylons, I had to cover up my crotch!
I was allowed to do what I wanted for most of the day, but in the afternoon I got a text from Mistress telling me to be ready in my hotel room at 5pm. But of course, she didn’t tell me what to be ready for!
I was ready in good time before 5pm, and waited anxiously for instructions to come in. Finally, I got a text from Mistress. I was told to go to the Town Hall and await further instructions. Her instructions were carried out promptly.
At the Town Hall, I waited for further instructions, and after a while I was told to go to a certain restaurant and order a drink. Just as the drink was put on the table in front of me, a new text came through. The restaurant had a reservation in my name! I was led to the table, but at this time I understood that I was about to have another lovely dinner with Mistress. And sure enough, it didn’t take long before I saw her blonde hair and majestic body move graciously towards me! I was so happy to see her, and the hour that followed was just perfect. Mistress has a very friendly and amusing side, and she showed it to the fullest now. It was just like being on the best date ever!
But unfortunately, the meal had to end, and Mistress told me to go back to my hotel and relax. After giving her a goodbye hug, I started on my way back, and when I got to my room, I laid down on the bed, thinking about the wonderful time I had just had. And I had absolutely no idea of what was about to happen!
Suddenly, I got a text from Mistress. “There’s an envelope for you outside the door”. What? Who had put it there? What would it tell me? I opened the door to get it, only to find myself face to face with Mistress!!! My shock amused her greatly.
Again, I was about to have an intense session of teasing and tormenting, and this was probably even more intense than what I had been through the same morning! Mistress really went full throttle this time! The next day I found out she had given me instructions that night, but I couldn’t remember them! When she forced me up against the wall, I was afraid that my knees would give in beneath me, and I had to ask Mistress to lay down on the bed.
But just as suddenly as she appeared, she left. I was left alone with my messed up mind, and yet again I found it very hard to sleep.

If you have read this far, I’m sure you will understand that I had another night without much sleep. Mistress totally messed up my mind the night before, and it’s not easy to lay back and relax afterwards. My mind was spinning so fast that it took a long, long time before I managed to get any sleep.

I went out to have breakfast, but I could only get down half of it. There was a certain tension in my body that just wouldn’t go away, and it was all due to the treatment Mistress had given me the day before. But then again, this is why I keep coming back to see her!
I had been told to be ready in my room by 10am, but this is where reality interrupted the scenario. Mistress had some problems with a tyre on her car, and while she got it fixed, I walked around the streets of Manchester, wondering what was about to happen.
But finally her instructions came. She had decided that I needed to be punished, and I was to make my way to the dungeon immediately! Having been there several times before, I found the right bus as fast as I could.
When entering the dungeon, Mistress wasted no time. I had 30 seconds to remove all my clothes! Starting NOW! My clothes ended up in a disordered pile on the floor, but I managed to meet her request. Mistress then proceeded to tie me very securely to a chair, and then the blindfold came on.
Mistress loves to punish my nipples, and now she started working on them. Seriously! She used her fingers and clamps, and also hot wax. As my nipples started to get really sore, the pain got more and more intense. To Mistress’ great pleasure! She also used the pin wheel, and together with the hot wax, this was applied to the tip of my cock as well!
It was all a blur, and I don’t know for how long she kept it going, but finally I was released. There were clear marks from the ropes all over my body, so luckily I had a sweater that would cover it up for the rest of the day!

And so ended another great kidnap scenario with Mistress Jadee. I made my way back to the center, and found a place to eat. I had some nice pasta, and one too many glasses of red wine. But this is just what I needed, after being kept on the tip of my toes for nearly a week!
Needless to say, I will be back for more!